Supply Chain Management Professional Designation

Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP) Designation

Canada’s Principal Designation in Supply Chain

The SCMP Designation will not only provide applied learning to immediately impact your performance at work, it will also signal to your employer the commitment to excellence, ethics and professionalism you stand for. Distinguish yourself in your field.

Why Become a SCMP?

SCMPs are recognized as strategic supply chain management professionals who help companies achieve a competitive edge. Learn innovative leadership and distinct competencies.


You will be seen as a pre-eminent authority, strategic leader and decision-maker in the industry.


Employers commonly ask for enrolment in the SCMP Designation Program when hiring for supply chain management roles.


For those who hold SCMP Designation in good standing, Athabasca University will grant transfer credit within their Executive MBA Program.

Earning Power

SCMPs, on average, earn 12% or more annually than those without the designation.

Global Perspective

SCMPs gain access to top thought leaders from around the world through Supply Chain Canada's global relationships with organizations like ASCM and NASCO.


After completing the rigorous program, you earn supply chain management’s most respected credential and stand out from the rest.

Program At A Glance

In order to earn the SCMP, you must successfully complete all of the following:

8 Modules on Strategic Supply Chain Management Knowledge
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Procurement and Supply Management
  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Operations and Process Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Global Sourcing
  • Supply Chain Management for the Public Sector
  • Supply Chain Management for Services, Capital Goods and Major Projects
  • In addition to an overall grade of 60%, a pass in every of the previous components is required.
  • Module: (30%) Final assignment/case analysis and group/individual participation
  • Workshops: (15%) Session work, case analysis or project assignment and group/individual participation.
  • In-Residence Week: (10%) Case study presentation and individual participation/attendance for the full program.
  • Final Exam: (45%) Full Case analysis demonstrating leadership competencies of the program
6 Interactive Workshops on High-Level Business Skills
  • Leadership and Professionalism
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Communication and Relational Skills
  • Competitive Bidding, Contract Preparation and Contract Management
  • Risk Management
  • Ethical Behavior and Social Responsibility
SCMP Leadership Residency
  • Integrate and advance knowledge from Modules and Workshops, hone management and leadership skills, final exam preparation.
Final Examination
  • Test knowledge acquired in a case-based exam.
Learning Outcomes
  • Candidate performance will be monitored throughout the program and progress reports will be issued.

Pre-Requisites & Registration

Entry Requirements

Those applying for the SCMP Designation Program must satisfy the following entry requirements:

  • Membership in Supply Chain Canada; and
  • Language Proficiency: Where neither English nor French is the applicant’s native language, Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) proficiency of level 6 or higher must be demonstrated; and
  • Academic Credentials: A degree or diploma in a business-related field from a recognized Canadian post-secondary institution (or proof of an international equivalency); or
  • Experience: A minimum of 5 years of work or military experience in supply chain management.

Individuals who have successfully completed a degree or diploma program in a business-related function at a Canadian university, college or technical institute will have met the admission requirements.

Others will have to obtain business management knowledge through post-secondary courses or Supply Chain Canada educational offerings in the following areas:

  • Introduction to Business
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Business Communication
  • Economics
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Behavior

Please contact your Supply Chain Canada institute for more details including a list of courses from your province’s post-secondary institutions that qualify for the academic prerequisite.

Advanced Standing

If you have acquired some supply chain management content knowledge in a full-time Canadian post-secondary degree program (or the foreign equivalent), you may apply for advanced standing.

Candidates who have 10 years’ relevant work experience with a 5-year minimum at the mid-career level or higher may apply their work experience towards exemption from the academic requirements.

Candidates applying for entry based on work experience must provide all of the following:

  • Employment confirmation and/or employer reference letter
  • Detailed position descriptions
  • Current resume
  • An organizational chart to illustrate function level and position

In order to obtain their SCMP, candidates will be required to meet the progressive practical experience requirement that accompanies the knowledge gained while pursuing accreditation. This must be full-time and it must demonstrate progressive competence in successfully performing job functions that increase in both scope and responsibility.

Only program candidates who satisfy the following practical/professional experience requirement shall be considered eligible for professional accreditation:

  • Minimum of 3 years of progressive practical experience completed in the any field of supply chain management (core and supporting), of which:
  • at least 6 months must be in a supervisory/managerial capacity no more than 1 year of related practical experience gained prior to enrollment
  • Career progression advancement through horizontal or vertical movement within/across enterprises.

For more information about pre-requisites and registration requirements, please see the links below.



The SCMP Designation Program is delivered through the Provincial and Territorial Institutes of Supply Chain Canada.

Candidates can choose from two different option for the Modules: instructor-led classes or SCMP Online. Membership in Supply Chain Canada is mandatory for enrolment. Click here to visit our Membership page.

Supply Chain Canada offers its Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP) designation and Supply Management Training (SMT) courses and seminars in online formats for international members.

Individuals who reside where Supply Chain Canada Programs are not offered by any of our affiliated partners should contact Supply Chain Canada directly to arrange for individual access to the Programs.


For SCMP Candidates looking for upcoming course offerings, browse our Events Calendar by clicking the link below. Under the ‘TYPE’ dropdown, choose either ‘SCMP MODULE’ or ‘SCMP WORKSHOP’.