The Federation

A non-profit association, Supply Chain Canada is a Federation of the National Secretariat, Provincial and Territorial Institutes working together to achieve a common vision.


The Supply Chain National Office is responsible for developing education and accreditation programs, national branding, federal government relations and international strategic alliances.


Institutional partners are responsible for communicating with their membership, recruiting new members and conferring SCMP designation.


The Board of Directors, with representatives appointed by the Institutes and elected from the membership, determines Supply Chain Canada’s strategic objectives.

Joint capacity, resources and expertise provide value for our members and create a united voice.

Each organization is its own independent, stand-alone entity. However, when a coordinated, collaborative approach is in the best interest of our membership and the profession, Supply Chain Canada does just that: we take advantage of joint capacity, resources and expertise to provide value for our members and create a united voice that promotes supply chain management as a strategic contributor to competitiveness and success.