Who We Are

Our vision is one association collectively as a Federation, elevating the profession, making careers better for members, aspiring to 45,000 members.


To provide leadership to the Canadian supply chain community, provide value to all members, and advance the profession.

Drive Opportunity

Feed Education

Command Evolution

We are Canada’s largest association for supply chain management professionals. We represent 7,500 members in the largest sectors of the economy, and the wider profession working in roles that cover sourcing, procurement, logistics, inventory and contract management. Our reach and primacy enables us to unite the industry, support enterprise, promote industry success and lead innovation.

Education empowers the profession. By investing in continual career-long learning and curated information, we create the knowledge and skill competencies necessary to succeed in our industry. Supply chains are the backbone of the economy. Canada is the prosperous, revered nation it is today because of the continued work of almost a million innovative supply chain professionals - we are their voice.

Supply Chain Canada powers the country’s transformation. By strengthening the coordination of resources, enabling growth, investing in technology and supporting revolutionary innovations, we maintain a vibrant industry and our place within it. We are Supply Chain Canada and this is our industry.

The Impact of What We Do

A Country Looks to Us

Canada’s supply chain enables $1 trillion worth of goods movement and is ranked among the top 20 nations in the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index. The standard of living we enjoy is directly linked to the professional practice of supply chain management.

1 TRILLION worth of goods moved
66 Billion contributed to GDP
67.7 MILLION drone shipments expected by 2021
900 THOUSAND workers employed