2024 SCMP Leadership Residency
MAY 11, 13, 14 & 15 | ONLINE

Experience The Fresh Connection at Supply Chain Canada's 2024 Leadership Residency

A Business Simulation Game in Supply Chain Management

The Fresh Connection is a different way of learning that puts participants at the heart of a lifelike simulation so they can experience the impact of every decision they make, not just in their own ‘silo’ but across the business.



2024 SCMP Leadership Residency

The 2024 SCMP Leadership Residency™ is an intensive virtual experience that allows candidates to build upon the knowledge and skills they gained throughout their SCMP Designation Program and prepares them for the SCMP Final Exam™.

Eligible candidates will take their education to a higher, more insightful level, immersing themselves in cutting-edge topics and advanced learning in areas such as data analytics, strategic planning and strategic foresight, design thinking, technology, outsourcing, supply disruption, as well as a prep session for the SCMP Final Exam. They will be challenged to think innovatively, act in a way that represents an SCMP, and set the standards of excellence that others follow. Everything our candidates have worked towards has led them here.

The schedule includes

We are creating the future leaders of supply chain who will prove integral to our industry and community in the coming years. As such, our approach is unique. In its virtual format, Leadership Residency becomes a far-reaching, inclusive experience that is easily accessible by all. As our candidates learn and grow, they reach the pinnacle of supply chain together.


The topics covered will ensure our SCMPs™ are prepared to handle the expectations and demands associated with the designation. Each day will feature sessions focusing participants on cutting-edge topics that expand their thinking as the emerging leaders in our profession.

Agenda coming soon.


Our distinguished cohort of faculty have accumulated decades of experience within the industry’s various specialisations and bring with them proven insight and unique expertise. With them, our SCMPs will have all the resources available to reach the pinnacle of supply chain.

More details on the faculty coming soon.

Details coming soon.


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Final Examination

The SCMP National Exam is the last step in attaining the SCMP Designation.

The online examination tests candidates’ ability to apply the knowledge that is presented in the SCMP Designation Program and the skills gained through their practical experience.

The examination is a written case study response:

The outline contains background information such as the economic, political and social conditions existing in the business environment. This allows candidates to develop an understanding of the context, demonstrate critical thinking and exhibit strategic planning competency.

EXAM DATE: Saturday, June 15, 2024


Candidates must register for the exam separately. You may pre-register before completing SCMP Leadership Residency, however, only those who have completed SCMP Leadership Residency can write the final examination.

If you have any questions about your eligibility for SCMP Leadership Residency or the final examination, please contact your local Supply Chain Canada Institute Office.