Supply Chain Heroes™ award

Frequently Asked Questions

The COVID-19 pandemic has strained nearly every aspect of society, our communities, and our families. Supply Chain Heroes™ used their talents and resources to make sure the rest of us have what we need to make life appear almost normal.

The National Association has created the Supply Chain Heroes™ Awards to recognize public and private sector organizations, teams and individuals who stepped up to meet the challenges of the past two years, and to highlight the partnership, collaboration, innovation, and sacrifice that have kept the supply chain going throughout these unprecedented times.

Supply Chain Canada will launch its Supply Chain Heroes™ Awards on March 15, 2022.

1. Do I need to be a Supply Chain Canada member to nominate an organization, team or individual?

No, you do not need to be a Supply Chain Canada member to submit a nomination. The Awards Selection Committee will receive and review all nominations received.

2. Does the nominee need to be a Supply Chain Canada member?

No, the nominee does not need to be a Supply Chain Canada member. The Supply Chain Heroes™ Awards celebrate the amazing people who have stepped up with hard work, impressive innovations, and extraordinary measures to help meet COVID-19 related supply chain challenges. The Awards were created to highlight the partnerships, collaborations, innovations, and sacrifices that kept the supply chain going throughout these unprecedented times. We know there are thousands of stories of success across this country!

3. Who is eligible?

There are three (3) Awards categories:

  • Public or Private Sector Organizations - Innovators who diverted their resources to address challenges and barriers in the fight against COVID-19. Nominees for this category must be operating business in Canada.
  • Teams – A team (cross-functional or cross-company) that has taken a lead role in developing solutions to address pandemic-related barriers. Nominations for a team could have members outside Canada, but the team must be led by members within Canada.
  • Individuals – Who have made a positive and genuine impact through leadership and the ability to pivot quickly to create solutions. An individual who inspires others. Nominees for this category must be employed in Canada.

4. Are there any particular qualities the Awards Selection Committee will be looking for?

The Supply Chain Heroes™ Awards are intended to acknowledge supply chain victories. Stories where obstacles were hurdled because of skilled leadership, flexible planning, agility, resilience and dedication. These are the qualities that the Awards Selection Committee will be seeking.

5. Can I nominate myself?

A company may self-nominate; teams or individuals must by nominated by their employer.

6. I would like to nominate someone from outside my company, what do I do?

Should you wish to nominate a team or individual outside your company, you should reach out to their employer and encourage that employer to put it forward a nomination. You could share your rationale for your recommendation and provide a third-party support letter.

7. Where can I find the nomination form?

The nomination form can be found on the Supply Chain Canada website.

8. What steps do I need to take to submit a nomination?

Determine the proper award category

Those wishing to submit a nomination should first determine the proper award category.

Get the nominee’s consent

The next step would be to gain consent from the nominee or nominees if submitting for the team category. The nominator may also wish to inform the employer of the nominee(s) and they may wish to include a letter of support.

For team nominations, provide the team members in alphabetical order by last name. Please be sure to include the following information: First and Last Name (formal name), Employer Name, Work Location, Position, Email, and Phone Number.

Nominators and nominees must consent to Supply Chain Canada collecting, sharing, and disclosing all information related to the nomination with the Supply Chain Heroes™ Awards Committee members. The nomination form provides details about this consent which you must acknowledge.

Submit an online nomination

Nominations must be submitted using the online nomination form. Each nomination should include an explanation not exceeding 1,000 words that describe the nominee’s accomplishments and how the performance/actions taken by the organization, team or individual resulted in a profound positive impact. Nominations should clarify why the nominee(s) deserve the award by answering the questions listed under each of the nomination criteria.

Submit letters of support

Nominations must include a minimum of two (2) letters written in support of the nomination. Letters of support should highlight the contributions of the nominee(s) and explain how the nominee(s) meet the awards criteria.

If you are nominating a team or individual, one of the support letters might be from their employer. The nominator may not be used as one of the references providing a letter of recommendation.

Letters may come from anyone with direct knowledge of the nominee’s contributions. It is recommended that each letter provide various examples from a range of views and perspectives. In other words, ensure that the authors of the letters of support are not telling the same story several times.

9. What are the nomination criteria?

There are 4 nomination criteria: role, impact, engagement, challenges, and inspiration. These criteria have been selected as they are best able to communicate the nominee’s contribution fully, clearly and concisely. Points are assigned to each criterion.

Role: (15 points)

Briefly describe the nominee’s contributions.

Impact: (35 points)

Describe the specific role that the nominee played? What role did they play in inspiring others? What leadership role did they play in the pivot to a solution?

Engagement: (15 points)

Describe how the nominee’s contributions sparked teamwork. If the nominee is an organization, did they use outside resources and mobilize others in creating a solution.

Inspiration: (35 points)

Describe how the nominee became a role model in their organization, community, or supply chain sector. Did the nominee share their experience and knowledge and who did they share it with?

10. Where can I submit questions?

Any questions about the nomination process should be directed to