Update To Our Members Nationally

May 16, 2024

As a national organization with over 100 years of supply chain expertise, Supply Chain Canada provides critical skills, networking opportunities, and advocacy for its members, always putting the needs of our members first.

Update on British Columbia:

As we have previously stated, the leadership of the British Columbia (B.C.) Institute wasn’t satisfied with the Federation Council structure and decided to exit our Federation – which our common governance documents call “disassociation”. As the national leader in supply chain, we operate from the principle that the needs of the members take priority first and foremost. With that in mind, we work collaboratively with our Institutes to make improvements to the governance structure of our Federation. Despite working with the other Institutes to create a more sustainable and stronger path forward, the B.C. leadership decided to move ahead with the dissociation and chose not to continue to engage in the structural improvement efforts.

What Does This Mean?

Supply Chain Canada and the B.C. Association are now separate organizations. Contrary to some of the information being shared, there is no business relationship or affiliation between the two organizations. As such, membership in the B.C. Association does not grant membership in Supply Chain Canada or provide access to the benefits of a Supply Chain Canada membership.

The Board of Directors must protect the organization, defend its rights, and its intellectual properties. As with our efforts towards the Ontario Institute, Supply Chain Canada (SCMA) has filed a statement of claim with the Federal Court of Canada enforcing our previously issued demands that the organization operating as SCMABC discontinue use of our intellectual property, including names, designations, and educational materials. Both organizations have also been reminded that, because of their decision to disassociate, they no longer have rights to this intellectual property and that they must cease and desist use of our intellectual property immediately.

What Does this Mean for Designation Holders?

The SCMP designations are monitored and maintained by Supply Chain Canada. While SCMP designation holders have earned the right to use the credential, to maintain that right they must remain a membership in good standing with Supply Chain Canada and complete their CPD requirements. Only Supply Chain Canada can determine if an individual has earned, and can maintain the right, to use the SCMP designation, as Supply Chain Canada is the national accreditor.
We will provide more updates as additional information becomes available.