Doing The Right Thing for Contractors in Your Supply Chain - Presented By: Alcumus


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1:00 PM EDT
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Join us for for Doing The Right Thing for Contractors in Your Supply Chain - Presented By: Alcumus 

Small business and sole proprietor contractors are the heart of your supply chain; they're the partnerships you rely on to support your business through challenging times. They help you be more agile and resilient and, as a socially responsible business, you want to support your communities by providing local contractors with work opportunities.

Unlike hiring clients, small contractors and sole proprietors often lack robust internal structures to manage their compliance and safety effectively. However, you acknowledge their fundamental role in your operations. So, how can you go beyond compliance and do the right thing for your contractors?

Key Takeaways:

How can hiring clients gain contractor visibility and incorporate social value into your procurement process to build a safe and ethical supply chain? 

Join Henriette Bichai, Head of Country for a 30-minute webinar where we will explore how to:

  • Adopt more effective ways of gaining visibility into your contractor safety compliance
  • Show your contractors that you’re serious about safety and other compliance topics and bring them on the journey with you
  • Embed a streamlined, common standard of compliance across your entire supply chain
Henriette Bichai
Head of Country Alcumus

Bringing nearly two decades of senior leadership experience and a fresh MBA in Change Management (2023). With a background in leading Sales and Operations in the risk management sector, she possesses a deep understanding of contractor management industry dynamics.



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