Module 6: Global Sourcing

10/10/23 - 11/20/23

Online, self-study and virtual, instructor led

$495 + applicable taxes

*NEW* This module has three options for delivery - online self-study and two time options for virtual instructor led. 

Option 1: Online, self study
Option 2: Virtual instructor led will run via Zoom on Tuesdays with two time options:
     West: 7:00pm to 10:00pm Central Time
     East: 5:30pm - 8:30pm Eastern Time

*NEW* When you click 'REGISTER', you will be asked to provide contact details and your Province. You will then receive an email from your selected provincial institute with the registration and payment link.  

The goal of this module is to help SCMP candidates become more acquainted with the issues and the strategy of global sourcing. This module is supported by a variety of articles on global sourcing, along with some websites on global business and economics.


Upon completion of this module candidates should be able to:

  • Understand major issues of the global sourcing environment, such as barriers and facilitators to global sourcing, with special reference to low-cost country sourcing
  • Conduct a total cost of ownership (TCO) comparison, including pre-transaction, transaction and post-transaction costs and sourcing an item domestically versus from a low-cost country
  • Identify and discuss some critical business and social issues of sourcing from low-cost countries, including child labour and countertrade
  • Identify important issues in the NAFTA/USMCA sourcing environment, such as drivers and challenges to sourcing from Mexico and the United States
  • Discuss the role and function of intermediaries in global sourcing and compare the costs and benefits of indirect versus direct dealing in global sourcing
  • Recommend when to use various means of payment available to importers/buyers
  • Discuss the impact of currency exchange on global sourcing risk
  • Discuss intellectual property and threats to it, including piracy and counterfeit goods and understand other security issues, including hijacking, bottlenecks and terrorism

What is the online self-study option?

Online self-study is designed for those who prefer to work at their own pace throughout the 13 week module. The module is delivered via Brightspace (D2L) and all learners have access to an instructor and a class discussion board.

What is virtual instructor led?

Instructor led is a weekly three-hour class delivered via Zoom. This format is designed for those looking for an interactive learning experience and to network with other Candidates. Please note the time zone when you register for this format as there are two options.


This 7 week module is a mandatory component of the SCMP Designation program. Some exceptions apply for those with RPL related exemptions. 

Candidates are encouraged to move through the program at a pace and sequence that suits individual schedules and career goals. Please note, it is recommended that Module 1 be taken first as it introduces Candidates to the program, and the case methodology used throughout. 


Thank you for interest!


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