Interactive Workshop 3: Communication and Relational Skills

01/08/24 - 01/09/24

Synchronous Learning

$695 Members + tax | $850 Non-members + tax

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This is a two-day workshop that runs from 7:00am to 3:00pm Central Time

Candidates will achieve learning in this workshop through the following activities:

  • Readings and other pre-work activities
  • Discussion question preparation 
  • Interactive lectures
  • Facilitated discussions
  • In-class presentations
  • In-class exercises and activities
  • Final written submissions

Upon completion of this module candidates should be able to:

  • Understand the importance of effective and strategic communication as a supply chain manager
  • Assess the communication strengths and weaknesses within their current working environment
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of different media of communication both written (e.g., e-mail) and verbal (including formal presentations, meetings, one-on-ones, etc.)
  • Develop skills to effectively create and use communication opportunities within and outside the organization
  • Receive and process constructive feedback on current communication skills and provide such feedback to others
  • Develop supply chain relationship-building skills

What is the asynchronous learning?

Asynchronous learning is a form of online, self-study and is designed for those who prefer to work at their own pace, while meeting submission deadlines as defined in the course overview. Learners will not have live, scheduled meetings or classes, but will participate via our learning management system, Brightspace (D2L), where information, ideas and learning experiences can be shared. Learners will also have access to an instructor.

What is synchronous learning?

Synchronous learning, previously known at Supply Chain Canada as virtual, instructor led. Learners will have live, scheduled classes via Zoom with the instructor and fellow classmates. This format is designed for those looking for an interactive learning experience, and to network with other participants. Learners may have readings and assignments to complete ahead of the start dates that will facilitate the multi-day class discussion. Participants are expected to remain up to date with the deadlines provided. Please NOTE the time zone in which you register for synchronous courses. Please NOTE the time zone when you register for this format as there are multiple options.

What if I have to cancel my registration?

Please review the cancellation policy included within the registration and payment link.

How will I access my course materials?

All learning materials will be accessed via your Supply Chain Canada (member) portal.


This two-day, interactive workshop is a mandatory component of the SCMP National
Designation program. Some exceptions apply for those with RPL related exemptions.
This workshop is also open to anyone seeking professional development in leadership. For
SCMPs, this workshop is 10 CPD points.


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